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Attention: Dear all, There is no direct train from Jaipur to Jhunjhunu because of line difference as Jaipur to Sikar is Meter Gauge Line and Sikar to Jhunjhunu is now converted to broadguage line

Jaipur to Chomu-Ringas-sikar-Nawalgarh-Mukandgarh Train Timetable

                 Jaipur To (Sikar) Jhunjhunu Train timetable,
     Train No. Train Name Sikar departure Time
Jaipur Arrival Time
52081 Jaipur Sikar passenger
04:40 AM

07:15 AM

52085 Jaipur Churu passenger
06:05 AM

09:03 AM

02093 Jaipur Churu passenger
07:45 AM

10:15 AM

52083 Jaipur Sikar passenger
10:10 AM

01:40 PM

19735 Jaipur Sikar passenger
01:30 PM

04:15 PM

02089 Jaipur Churu passenger
04:55 PM

07:50 PM

02081 Jaipur Sikar passenger
06:50 PM

09:50 PM

02087 Jaipur Churu passenger
08:15 PM

11:00 PM

Sikar To Jhunjhunu, Rewari Train timetable
Train No.       Name From    Fare SCh time  jhunjhunu
59727 Sikar Rewari passenger Sikar/SIKR 35 07:00 AM (Sikar)
08:21 AM (JJN) 01:00 PM (Re)
59729 Sikar Rewari  passenger Sikar/SIKR 35 09:00 PM (Sikar)
10:27 PM (JJN) 03:00 AM (RE)
14811 Sikar Delhi sarai rohilla  Runs only on

(Wed, Fri)
Sikar/SIKR 80 (Gen)till rewari 100 (DEE) 02:20 PM (Sikar)
03:26 PM (JJN)06:45 PM (RE) 09:00 PM (DEE)
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